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Airports worldwide...

Airports have been drastically transformed since the 1970s, when you could smoke anywhere, stroll casually through security and hug your loved one at the gate before boarding the plane. It has transformed into an experience of architecture , Luxury and Comfort. Consisting of Luxurious first class lounges and VIP Bars. Feeling connected to a place is an essential part of the travel experience. It makes sense to have the best team on board when designing the interior of an airport. By Kepi, exlusively represented by Delux Interiors in new Zealand, supplying  luxury pieces to  airports worldwide. Our design team works closely with the Airports team to create a memorable experience for the passengers. Our furniture is all personalised using exclusive fabrics and materials giving the option to showcase the airports creativity and creating an identity.
Now bringing  our collections to New Zealand we offer the Airports in International and domestic a unique option for Airport Furniture, we represent luxury, Quality and a lifestyle.
Contact our commercial projects team to check our portfolio. We want to offer our experienced services along with unique furniture to the New Zealand market.