Occasional Chairs, Designer Armchairs and Accents Chairs

Below is collection of our wide range of Occasional chairs. Please have a look through some of the samples from our collection. We are happy to provide you with an extended collection upon request.


Casablanca Armchair

Casablanca occasional chair is a fine addition to our luxury classic collection. The rich wooden carvings of this accent chair are hand crafted by artisans, with the aged golden leaf finish. The dimensions: 66*67*92 cm. 


Casablanca armchair is upholstered with exclusive fabrics. that well highlights the elegance and luxury of your home. It’s suited for lounge and living areas.

Sadekar Occasional Chair


Sadekar is modern occasional chair with art deco detail which will bring truly luxury to your Lounge interior.



Vegas Armchair

The Vegas armchair will add a touch of luxury to your lounge or living room. The timeless design and elegance is enhanced with upholstery in opulent brushed velvet. The dimensions: 78*88*100 cm

For the legs, which are made of solid wood, there are various options for decorative finishes, which can be made of chrome or brass. The perfect occasional chair for your living room, also can be perfectly match your home library or entrance area.


LUXURY modern collection

Bonny Armchair

Consider Bonny Armchair as an accent detail for your Modern Style Interior. Sizes: 81,5*85*87 H cm.

LUXURY modern collection

Bonny One Armchair

This remarkable modern high back armchair is at the very leading edge of interior design trends. Can be perfectly use as a modern lounge chair, paired with any of our coffee or side tables to create the most luxury look. Dimensions: 77,5*85*107,5 H cm.

LUXURY  art deco collection

Viento Armchair

An original, dynamic chair, characterized by sophisticated, timeless elegance. The surfaces, fully upholstered shell and armrests with an arched shape offer cozy moments of relaxation. The dimensions: 71*78*92 cm

LUXURY classic collection

Corona Armchair

An original classic style armchair, characterized by sophisticated, timeless design and elegance.  Create your unique design with a hand made tapestry weave on the back in this armchair.

The dimensions: 83*77*92 cm

luxury classic collection

Occasional chair

The Boston Armchair is one of the best sample of our Luxury Classic Collection. Hand crafted wooden elements can be finished with vanishing or golden leaf. This occasional chair will perfectly match your living room, lounge, bedroom or entrance interior. The dimensions: 75*83*101 cm

LUXURY art deco collection

Master Armchair

The Master occasional chair is a beautiful member of our Art Deco Collection. You are able to choose either genuine leather, any fabric or velvet upholstery based on your preference. The dimensions of the Master are 75×74.5x97cm.

Occasional Chairs 3
Modern Armchair

Occasional Chair

Ralph is a distinct statement occasional chair which references the luxurious Art Deco era with classic elements. Upholstered in rich velvet fabric, 100 % solid wood hand crafted frame makes this armchair a real unuique masterpiece. Dimensions: Width: 83 cm. Depth: 80cm Height: 92cm.


American Armchair

Classic armchair collection. The rich wooden carvings are hand made by artisans, with gold leaf finish. Armchair upholstered with exclusive fabrics. that well highlights the elegance and luxury. Feel maximum comfort with pouf paired

Classic armchair collection. The rich wooden carvings are hand made by artisans, with gold leaf finish. Armchair upholstered with exclusive fabrics, that well highlights the elegance and luxury. 

The Ecole armchair is a stunning addition to any modern style living area, with its curved shape and beautifully carved legs. This design could be incorporated with a lot of different styles, with the use of any customised fabric you can make this piece suits your area perfectly. The dimensions: 83x94x84cm

Occasional Chairs 4

Ecole Armchair


The Ecole Armchair is a stunning addition to any Modern Style living  area, with its curved shape and its beautifully carved legs. This design could be incorporated with a lot of different styles, with the use of any customised fabric you can make this piece suit your area perfectly.

brooklyn arm chair front view, beige colour fabric with wooden legs

This is a classic design of wingback style occasional chairs that was originally conceived to be used in front of a fireplace. The “wings” on the sides were meant to protect the head from drafts and help hold in the heat from the fire before the chair.

Brooklyn Wingback Armchair


The High Backed Brooklyn armchair is a statement of superb quality. The Brooklyn winged armchair measures 74.5x92x107 Heigh cm.

The Brooklyn armchair side view

The Adonita accent chair is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. The rigid frame of this piece gives a striking silhouette, while the plush cushioning softens the edges and makes for a chair you won’t want to leave. 

Adonita armchair side view
Adonita armchair front view

The Adonita armchair measures 70x80x98 Height cm, and as with all our pieces is custom made to suit your taste.


Adonita Accent Chair

luxury classic collection

Maestro Armchair

The Maestro armchair is a classic, stylish and attractive Occasional Chair perfect to use in the living or entrance area. Sitting in this wing chair allows you to get lost in your own luxurious private retreat. The dimensions: 70*75*96 H cm


Accent chair

Aura armchair front view

This is the perfect option for those looking for a compact accent chair for Lounge, Living Room or Bedroom. Fabric, Velvet, Suede or Leather options are available.

The Aura accent chair is a beautiful addition to any dining room, living room, or lounge. Made of soft edges and curved details, the Aura makes for a stunning piece of furniture. The sweeping silhouette of this chair is hard to forget. The Aura measures 68x78x94cm.

Aura armchair side view
luxury classic collection

Extenso Armchair

Extenso Armchair is one of the signature piece in our Luxury Occasional chairs Collection. The dimensions: 72*75*85 cm. Wide range of finishings options are available: leather, velvet or other fabrics upholstery. Pleas contact us or visit our showroom to find the perfect one for you.


Morini Armchair

Morini armchair front view

The Morini Armchair is one of the best selling items in our Modern Collection of occasional chairs; It is not hard to see why. The deep angled seat welcomes any guest, while the frame appears to leave you floating in mid-air. 

The gold details at the end of each arm add a perfect drop of classic luxury to this modern piece. Measures 76x90x83 Height cm.

Modern occasional chairs

LUXURY modern collection

Lisbon Armchair

The Lisbon Armchair is a cool, calm, and collected piece that fits perfectly in any modern living room. While understated, the Lisbon is your new favourite seat in the house. A modern and comfortable armchair, and part of our luxury modern collection. The Lisbon measures 85x88x85cm.

Occasional Chairs 6

LUXURY Classic collection

Oxford Armchair

The Oxford is a classic and elegant occasional arm chair, serving as a perfect representation of our luxury collection. The traditional shape of the frame pays homage to a classic, royal style and makes this seat fit for any king or queen. The Oxford measures 96x80x91cm.

Oxford armchair

LUXURY art deco collection

West Armchair


armchairs nz

LUXURY classic collection

Capri Armchair

Our luxurious French Style Capri armchairs are made of 100% solid wood and add a wonderful touch to any living room. With its virtuously hand crafted solid oak frame and elegant hand carved legs and arms, this chair is a perfect addition to luxury classic style room. Dimensions: 83*87,5*97,5 H cm



Occasional Chair

polo armchair2

The Polo Armchair  is a model of our Luxury contemporary collection, the backrest shape was inspired by the classic wing chair.

Polo chair dimensions: 60*70*75 cm. Our luxury collection of premium handcrafted armchairs will make for a fine addition to your bed or living room.

polo armchair
queens armchair back view

Select Leather, velvet or any fabric from our stunning range! Measuring 70x89x97 H cm, the proportions of this chair are of royal quality.

Queens Armchair


The Queens armchair is an aptly named piece, designed to host no less than a Queen! In a beautiful Art Deco style, this occasional chair is perfectly suited for lobbies, entrances and lounges. 

queens armchair front view

The Red Armchair is a perfect depiction of the luxury classic collection and its main style features. A classically hand-carved frame gives this piece a decadent feel, while a lush and comfortable cushioning has a luxurious level of comfort. 

red armchair
red armchair

The Red Armchair dimensions: 100*65*101 cm. We can suggest  various wooden finishings colours options to select.


The Red Armchair

luxury classic collection

Wingback Chair

This exceptional classic wingback armchair will allow you to gently relax in supreme luxury indeed. The traditional legs and silhouette of this occasional chair are perfect for adding a touch of classic elegance to any living room or home library. The Sharm measures 75×96.5×120 H cm.

Soho armchair

The Soho occasional chair is part of our luxury classic collection. A traditional frame is pared back to a simplistic, delicate piece, and is the ideal product for anyone that struggles to choose between modern and classic. 

The Soho occasional Chair measures 74x80x90 Height cm and is perfect designer furniture piece for your living room or bedroom.


Occasional Chair

LUXURY art deco collection

Occasional Chair

The Gastello armchair combines all the elements of Art Deco style: opulent finishing materials, elegance and luxury. The art is in the details of the Castello armchair, and while a simple silhouette, this piece gets more beautiful the closer you get. The Castello dimensions: 67.5x76x97 height cm.

CASTELLO armchair

Rose occasional chairs is a beautiful armchair in french baroque style. Material: 100% solid wood, handcrafted, aged golden plated & high-quality cover Italian fabric, the Rose is a piece that totally embodies luxury.

A perfect piece for any living room or bedroom – and so gorgeous you won’t be able to look away.

Rose Armchair dimensions in cm: 102*73*90. 


Rose Armchair

LUXURY art deco collection

Porto Armchair

The Victoria occasional chair has a beautiful, classic shape that embodies our luxury classic collection. Upholstered with exclusive fabrics, the Victoria is an elegant statement piece perfect for your living room or lounge. This armchair measures 80x90x75cm.

victoria armchair front view beige upholstery

Victoria armchair dimensions: 80*90*75 cm. Our luxury collection of premium handcrafted armchairs will make for a fine addition to your bed or living room.

Victoria Occasional chair


This luxury armchair is upholstered with exclusive fabrics

victoria armchair back view


Denver armchair

Denver chair blue

The Denver Chair is the ultimate in cosy comfort and classic old-world charm. 

Riddled with minute, delicate details, the Denver is a quietly beautiful piece waiting to fit like a glove in your living, dining, or lounge room. The Denver measures 71x70x97cm.

denver armchair grey

LUXURY Contemporary collection

Santa Armchair

The organic combination of high-quality velvet with natural wood and chrome elements make this chair a truly luxurious addition to any collection of modern design. Santa Armchair dimensions: 78*78*85 cm. 

Occasional Chairs 8
luxury classic collection

Italy Armchair

Egg shaped the Italy Armchair is  a perfect addition to an eccentric Interior looking for more than the average armchair. This Accent chair will emphasize the luxury of the Interior of any hotel lobby or restaurant. The Italy is a unique and interesting part of our luxury classic collection, and perfect for the average living room asking for just a bit more! The Italy chair measures 70x80x134 Height cm.

Enna classic chair golden

Enhance your home or boutique Hotel decorating with a couple of Enna occasional chairs. Measures 72.5x76x105cm.

Enna Armchair


The solid wood carvings of this armchair are hand crafted by artisans, with the aged golden leaf finish giving it a perfect touch of luxury. Select velvet, satin or tapestry weaving options to add chic to this occasional chair. 

enna armchair with black wooden legs

LUXURY classic collection

Gilda Armchair

A high-back silhouette for a high-end look, accent armchair Gilda is a perfect pick for library, dining room or waiting area.

The unique curves and valleys of this chair are carefully made and proportioned, for a beautifully balanced chair. The Gilda measures 78x90x97cm.

gilda armchair


Freda Armchair

Freda armchair back view

A stunning addition to any living room, or as a feature chair for your dining room. 


The Freda armchair is one of our most popular pieces of the luxury Art Deco collection. The simplistic style of this piece is hard to look past, and its level of comfort is hard to leave! The Freda sizes: 71x68x77cm.

Freda armchair side view

LUXURY art deco collection

Como Armchair

Classic and elegant accent armchair Como is characterized by a comfortable upholstered seat with capitonné backrest in addition to hand crafted solid wood legs with round shape. Fabric or Leather upholstery options available in a wide range of colours. The Como measures 84x90x96cm.

Occasional Chairs 9

The Donna armchair literally seats you at the pinnacle of modern design. A perfect combination of genuine Italian leather and brass makes this modern occasional chair a must-have for any modern interior. The Donna measure 80x87x75cm

Fabric upholstery is available.

donna armchair black leather


Donna Armchair

LUXURY art deco collection

Sharp Armchair

The décor of your luxury living room, lounge, or library will light up with the light, sleek, and ultimate elegance of this occasional chair. The Sharp armchair is slick and chic, and perfect for any interior looking for an extra dash of Art Deco. The Sharp armchair measures 64.5x85x108cm.

sharp Armchair
Frame armchair

The Legend armchair invites you to a level of sophisticated relaxation. Soft and subtle forms of this modern armchair herald its exceptional comfort. The Legend measures 76x65x86cm.

Frame Armchair



Legend armchair

legend armchair fabric, modern collection with grey fabric upholstery

Add luxury to your modern Interior with Legend occasional chair. Select from our stunning range of fabric or leather upholstery to find the perfect piece. Size: 75*80*85 H cm.

LUXURY MODERN collection

Fred Armchair

The Fred Armchair will allow you to create a significant statement of luxurious modern design without sacrificing comfort. The gilded details of this sharply angled chair do the same thing as this chair will for you; uphold luxury. The Fred Armchair measures 71x68x77cm.

Fred Armchair

The Lucy high back armchair is a classically decadent piece that will bring a regal, elegant air to any living room, lounge, or entrance. Available in a huge range of upholstery, the Lucy is a stand out armchair that can be handmade to suit any style you wish. 

lucy armchair grey fabric upholstery with white wooden legs
Lucy armchair

The Lucy measures 75x77x103cm.


Lucy Armchair

LUXURY modern collection

Jasmin Armchair

The Jasmin accent armchair is a fine velvet upholstered piece of furniture which offers a new level of comfort and luxury in modern décor. Beautifully curved and carefully detailed, the Jasmin measures 73x72x86cm.

Fabric and Leather upholstering options are available for this Armchair.

jasmin armchair
Major armchair front view

The Major occasional chair is another classically beautiful piece with details that elevate its silhouette above and beyond. Traditional style comes with traditional comfort, and the Major is no exception. This armchair measures 71.5×85.5x104cm

Major Armchair


Our luxury collection of premium handcrafted armchairs will make for a fine addition to your bed or living room.

Major Armchair back view

LUXURY modern collection

Stage Armchair

This high-end luxury lounge armchair is part of our modern collection. You can choose a combination of different colors and patterns of upholstery by visiting our furniture gallery in the center of Auckland.

stage armchair

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Much like our sofas, our armchairs come in many designs, styles, and sizes. Though many chairs share similar colours and patterns with the sofa collection, there is enough variation that anyone can find a combination that will satisfy their taste. Available in multiple collections – classic, art deco, modern, and contemporary – there are so many styles that you might even be faced with a difficult choice.
From solid colours like black and brown to brighter shades of yellow or green; from checked patterns to beautiful florals or pinstripes; from elegant curves to sharp, sleek angles – our armchairs are beautiful and endless. You can find a sophisticated seat for nearly any home in nearly any price range from our extensive armchair collections. Create a place for your to think, heal, learn and live in your house using the perfect armchair to rest while doing your meditation, reading, coffee break and more.

If any of our armchairs look destined for your lounge suite, book an appointment in our showroom today to feel it in person.

Boston Occasional chairs