Adonita Table

Our masterpiece of a dining table in NZ is here: the Adonita. With precious materials and a natural marble top, this feature piece is one of opulence. With a gold design and a black and white circular top, it’s the epitome of glamorous and eye-catching. This beauty is enhanced with careful craftsmanship apparent in every detail. Simply browsing through pictures online won’t do the Adonita justice. See the craftsmanship yourself by booking a showroom appointment today.

LUXURY art deco collection

Stormy Table

This solid wood table top supported by a wooden base and striking centre-placed legs makes for one of our strongest designs. All these factors combine for a uniquely bold statement piece, but its neutral colour scheme means it will complement any dining room setting


Diamond Table

The Diamond is a high-gloss, art-deco, rectangular design formulated in solid wood. The piece is refined with the use of elegant chrome and stainless-steel accents. To best fit any home, this table is hand-crafted into 220, 280, or 320 cm in length. Its beauty is best appreciated in person: book a showroom visit to see the full details of this piece from the luxury classic collection.


Viento Table

This distinctly art deco piece is created with a lacquered solid wood design that is elegant and timeless. Chrome stainless steel spheres support the table atop piercing triangular legs. The Viento brings a sense of refinery for the most elegant of gatherings. The Viento is available in a choice of two dimensions – visit our showroom by appointment to gauge which size is best for your home.

luxury classic collection

Potenzo Table

The captivating Potenzo is striking in its sleek black design. Delicate embellishments and ornate carvings create a beautiful statement piece without overwhelming a space. Looking for classically chic dining table in NZ? View the Potenzo today in our showroom.


Alpine Table

The Alpine’s simple dark wood table top is counter-balanced with bold chrome stainless steel legs to create a piece of unexpected contemporary style. Its high-gloss finish adds a touch of sheen to any dining room.The elegant chrome stainless steel table legs  made it matching contemporary style as well. Enquire about the beautiful Alpine today or schedule an appointment to browse our showroom.

LUXURY art deco collection

Legend Table

A seamless blend of materials and design creates this stunning glass-top piece supported by ornate gold legs. A stand-out piece of the Luxury Art Deco Collection, the beautiful glass top sits upon hand-crafted legs each split into three supporting bases. The Legend is available in three dimensions: 220*110*75 cm, 280*120*75 cm , 320*120*75 cm. Three  options for the table are available: marble, glass or solid wood.


Especial Table

The regal Especial would not look out of place in a stately home – its refined shape and curved-wood legs are accented with beautiful brass. Refined details make this table a product destined to people who are able to appraise the luxury.  View this luxurious piece in person at our by-appointment showroom.



Excellence Table

The vintage-inspired Excellence is inlaid with sparkling brass accents spanning the exterior of the frame. Curved, low-set dark wood legs ensure this piece exudes luxury and would look beautiful in any home.

LUXURY art deco collection

Master Table

The commanding, oval shaped Master comes in rich, dark wood, creating a stunning visual piece for any dining setting. Delicately carved silver legs support its thick solid wood top, radiating sophistication in any room it’s placed. Book a showroom to properly see the exquisite detail of the Master.

Dining Tables 10


Croma Table

The Croma’s shape evokes both fluidity and rigidity in one design. The rectangular top and base brings structure to this luxury piece, while the chrome supporting pieces provide a gentler flow. A truly luxurious piece, we recommend you see it for yourself by booking a tour of our showroom.


Lorenzo Table

Sturdy  wood bases support a unique blend of shapes and colours. This rectangular piece has square legs with circular cut-outs for a contemporary style. Materials used include light wood top and bases, a marble-look centrepiece and dark feet. This stunning feature design speaks volumes of modern luxury and functionality.


London Round Table

london round table

The London Round’s sleek black circular shape gives a traditional look to a modern colourway. This is a perfect design for either a dining room feature piece or a breakfast nook area of a home. This classic shape brings a recognisable design that has graced many homes throughout time into the 21stcentury.

This table is also suitable for cafe and restaurants..

Dining Tables 12


Perla Table

A definitive dining design inspired by French Louis XV, the Perla is comprised of a wooden top and an antique style finish. The elegant curve of the legs features inlays of gold trim to finish this classic look, while the scalloped edges of the tabletop evoke European charm.

LUXURY modern collection

Sandy Table

The Sandy’s strong chrome legs epitomise modern luxury design. Sophisticated and functional, the marble-topped Sandy comes in a choice of three dimensions, enabling its placement anywhere in the home. Available dimensions: 220*110*76 cm, 280*110*76 cm or 320*120*76 cm.

Dining Tables 15


Piano Table

Picture the elegance of a piano in a luxury dining table design. The Piano’s smooth black wood is beautifully complemented by delicate inlaid designs around the edges and supporting legs. The extra-long width of the Piano table makes it essential for large gatherings.


Respect Table

Supported by stunning metallic columns, Respect’s design creates a strong, modern dining structure. The foot of this table has a multi-tier wooden form, making it both a functional home feature and a statuesque statement piece.

LUXURY modern collection

Ghost Table

‘Modern’ is epitomized in this original creation. The Ghost Table has two base designs intertwining under a smooth rectangular top. Its support has both the strength of modern design and delicate, intricate detailing; all made from meticulously-selected materials and metals.

ghost dining table

LUXURY art deco collection

Stone Dining Table

stone buffet in dining room


London Table

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more regal-looking dining table in NZ than our classic London table. The top edges are comprised of linden wood while the three-pronged legs are formed from elegantly carved beech wood. A high shine finish promises that the London will provide a long-lasting focal point for your home. This dining table can be produced as one part up to 350 cm with 3 legs, has elegant curvings on Top edges (LindenWood) and on Legs (beech wood)


Juliet Table

This wood-top design complements an antique finish with elegantly curved legs. Inspired by the French Louis XV, this classic style should be set with golden cutlery and an antique vase to recreate that air of royalty. The Juliet is designed to be an understated centrepiece that can make any dining space feel like a palace.

LUXURY modern collection

Laura Table

Smooth and simple comes to mind with this elegant dining piece. Its minimalism creates a visual impact that no guest will deny. Created by expert craftsmen, the legs are tipped by metal to subtly accent its matte black colour.

laura center table 1


Trevi Table

The appearance of this table is understated but still pronounced. The Trevi’s flowing design is comprised of sturdy wood and metal-tipped legs and corners. Its luxury modern look is apparent at first sight and will never go out of style.


Barbara Table

This handcrafted luxury design brings timelessness to any dining room. The Barbara’s solid wood is handcrafted with exquisite detail and intricate designs. The luxurious Barbara updates classic dining room furniture. See the Barbara table’s strong frame for yourself in our showroom.


Frame Table

Black and brown boldly intertwine in the lavish but simple Frame. The straight, pointed legs are capped in subtle gold on this rectangular piece with a firm frame. There’s no doubt this should be yours if you need a dining table in NZ that commands attention.


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