Whether you're looking for designer furniture in an Art Deco or Classic style or a beautifully handcrafted modern style furniture, with our tailored selection of designer furniture collections, we will find unique high end furniture to suit every home interior.

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Lifestyle furniture dining set with bar cabinets and buffets

We specialize in both modern and classic art deco styles. We bring rooms to life through opulent textures and bold colours. We use time-honoured designs in new and unconventional ways. 

Whether it be for private homes or apartments, retail buildings, and commercial offices, the team here at DeLux interiors Ltd works alongside you. We find you the best designer furniture solutions without forgoing comfort, durability, or environmental responsibility.

Designer furniture store DeLux interiors is here to bring luxury lifestyle furniture to New Zealand. We are proud to exclusively represent the prestigious ByKepi brand, as well as offer expert and unique interior design services as one of the best furniture stores in Auckland.

Italian furniture
Italian buffet

To indulge in the Delux Interiors showroom expirience, it is best to book a one-on-one consultation. For our clients who want to experience the luxury we carry firsthand, get in touch today.

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Beauty in



opportunities for beauty

We see each room as a canvas waiting to be painted. With eyes tuned for opulence and the prestigious By Kepi brand behind us, our design team finds the opportunities for beauty wherever they may lie in a room.

Our grand selection of designer furniture encompasses almost every room in a home. This includes pieces for lounge areas, studies, bedrooms, libraries, and dining rooms. Just as each room has its own purpose, each piece we carry is meant to elevate that purpose by serving as a functional, comfortable, and luxurious part of a home, office, or lounge.

Whether you favour a classic art deco or sleek modern style, our high end furniture is versatile to suit a wide range of tastes. Yet, they’re distinctive enough that the level of their quality will never be questioned. Each piece works together to make up a cohesive whole that’s more alluring than the sum of its parts.



We believe everyday use is part of true luxury. That’s why our designer furniture, imported from By Kepi, does more than make a visual statement. With plush sofas, sturdy bed frames, and ergonomic desks, each piece is meant to be used as much as looked at.

Upholstery is nailed in pin by pin. Wooden arms are carved by skilled artisans. Textiles are chosen for their vibrant colours and exquisite textures. The highest quality materials all combine to make furniture that is truly comfortable.

Friends and family will gather around sleek coffee tables. They’ll lounge on rich velvet armchairs for hours. In By Kepi pieces, classic design melds seamlessly with cozy relaxation in a way that makes any night-in an absolute treat.

Life in the details

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Our vision

Designer furniture is easy to superficially imitate. But authenticity is impossible to reproduce. For our pieces, we find the greatest sign of quality is shown in the smallest details. This marks the difference between pale imitation and the real thing.

That’s why all our furniture is made with natural marble, specially-dried wood, and the finest leathers. Every piece is handcrafted and checked against the highest standards. Designers pore over sketches and fabric samples. They test how millimetres and the subtlest variances in dye changes makes a difference for a design. We’re that detailed.

DeLux interiors Ltd serves clientele that have the same eye for detail. We’re here for those who understand the skill and nuance that goes into the design. For those looking to see the quality of our selection in person, we encourage you to schedule a viewing of our showroom.


High quality

Each piece we carry is hand-carved and hand-sewn. Everything is handcrafted by highly-skilled members of  ByKepi team. As much thought is put into the materials and components used as into the designs, the textures, and the form of every armchair, desk, and table.

The leathers, hardwoods, metals, and textiles we use in production are sustainably-sourced and environmentally-friendly. That way you can feel good about having comfort and beauty in every room.

And for when you want lifestyle furniture that fits your individual tastes, we also offer custom options. Specifically commissioned for you, we can craft bespoke furniture pieces that are uniquely yours and using the materials you choose.

Commercial and contract furniture

Designer furniture isn’t limited to the home. The DeLux interiors Ltd team is proud to offer our services to commercial spaces, too.

For fine dining establishments, lounges, clubs, hotels, and more, we use interior design to build an atmosphere of refinement and class. It’s for every client that walks in the door to notice.

We’ll work with you to compose design plans and realize your creative ideas. Or we’ll just lend you our advice, should you need it. We value the importance of personalizing a space. 

We inject life into through interior decoration. Then, we ensure that space is as liveable and comfortable as it is beautiful. A special kind of creativity is needed to make that happen in commercial spaces. You need a team like ours that can do this right.

hospitality furniture
trust sofa grey

Embrace luxury today from the best Furniture store

We carry sophisticated lifestyle furniture from the By Kepi brand for Auckland. If you value the finer details and insist on only the highest quality furniture to grace your living or commercial space, DeLux interiors Ltd is ready to serve you.

View our furniture in person or set up a consultation. Arrange a showroom viewing by phoning 0-800-994-930 or through our website. Our interior design team will be waiting!

Even luxury furniture can make a space special. Our Italian furniture designs are tailored to suit every home interior. We have designs from classic and mid-century to modern contemporary.

Delux Interior Ltd is the leading NZ furniture store that offers luxury Italian furniture for your home furnishing solution. Get delighted with this luxury set of items from our shop and bring a new level of luxury to your home.


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Style in trend: French furniture

french furniture french style armchair with aged golden mirror

Culture and art of each era, starting from Louis XIII from 16 th century till Napolean III, reflected in the fine and decorative arts of popular French furniture trends.
From the absolute monarchs to the French Revolution and beyond, the socio-political spirit of the country has long influenced the types of furniture and decor preferred by the elite and bourgeoisie.

Our artisans skillfully recreate the style of French furniture with hand-crafted furniture pieces and aged leaf golden finishing.

Visit our furniture store in Auckland to see our extended collection of classic style french furniture.


french furniture for bedroom, tufted curved headboard in french style


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