luxury collection of beds and headboards

Luxury collection of beds and headboards


The Montana is one of our very latest pieces in high-end bedroom furniture. Crafted with modern elegance in mind, the Montana bed adds the finishing touch to any luxury bedroom. With pillowed panels covering the headboard in an architectural pattern and a simple but strong bed frame, you will sleep feeling like a VIP every night.


timeless plus

Timeless plus bedroom collection has been represented in Maison & Objet Exhibition in Paris on 2020. Crafted with modern elegance in mind, the Timeless Plus  bed adds the finishing touch to any luxury bedroom. 


The Neo is a fine piece of bedroom furniture crafted for the modern minimalist. Without too many unnecessary details, the Neo emulates sophistication with its glossy black framing and matching black material. Every piece is made by hand. The Neo takes the craft’s dedication to new levels with its stability and comfort.


The elegant Vogue bed is a stand-out piece from the Art Deco Collection. The signature art deco style meets even the finest standards of taste while remaining a feature piece. With the Vogue bed, you can have both luxury and restrained minimalism in a complete bedroom set. The lacquered solid wood combines with stainless steel and luxury fabrics to further establish its elegant presence.


The opulent Liz is a high-luxury bedroom set created with solid, hand-carved wood, complete with a metallic finish in either silver or gold for a refined, truly romantic look. The Liz is available in sizes Queen through Super King to fit an array of bedrooms. No matter the size, you can try out the Liz Bed here in our showroom. Arrange a showroom viewing and fall in love with this style fit for Queen Liz herself.


It’s is deeply cushioned all around to ensure the most comfort and style you will ever experience from a modern style furniture piece. Huge selection of fabrics available, please book showroom visit to see all the options.


For the luxury shopper with a penchant towards a traditional look, the Juliet bedroom set features a hand-carved French style headboard in the size of your choice. With the Juliet bed, sleeping feels like an indulgent experience. The white and gold accents emulate class while remaining subdued and stylish.


A bedroom set fit for a king, the Maestro set commands attention with its strong shape and alluring design. A cushioned, metallic fabric headboard takes centre stage in the bedroom, and the delicate legs remain minimal, allowing the headboard to stand strong on its own. For those who prefer a masculine-styled bedroom, the Maestro is the perfect design. This headboard features a dark wooden edge, curved details, and fine silk fabric to make falling asleep feel like an indulgence every time. If the Maestro or any of our other elegant headboards catch your eye, book an appointment to see our showroom.


The Timeless set is exactly that. It spans decades of style while still holding value and class. The short and wide headboard fills the room, creating a dominating space for the bed. The soft leather or fabric headboard creates a cosy feeling while remaining sophisticated and great for a couple or a bachelor. The simple, box-style bed frame doesn’t take up unnecessary space, keeping the overall design sleek. The Timeless bed is best observed in our showroom. Test it out by arranging a showroom viewing.


The Line is a simple set that allows other parts of the bedroom to shine while remaining a star in its own right. The light-shaded headboard has a soft texture to add a sense of luxury without becoming too intrusive. Paired with a matching, neutral-toned bed frame, the Line is a feminine and sleek design with a mid-century modern flair.


The Ralph bedframe is retro but timeless still. With a unique, rounded shape, the headboard connects to the rest of the bed for a unified, cosy feel to the set. The white textured fabric covers the entire set for a cohesive look that doesn’t demand too much attention. Stay subtly indulgent with the Ralph set.


For a luxurious modernist’s dream come true, we’ve created the Sandy set to add to our line of luxury high-end beds. The Sandy features a low and wide stance, matching headboard and frame, and sleek design to stay out of the way and look good doing it. The neutral sand-toned fabric pairs well with any wall or floor colour and provides a solid foundation for a gorgeous bedroom.


Indulge in the finer things in life with the Collezione set of high-end beds. This art-deco style bed set features an eye-catching headboard design that looks comfortable and cool all at the same time. Completed by hand in a sleek grey colourway, the Collezione bed compliments a cool-toned room and adds an extra touch of luxury.


An eclectic option for those who like to indulge in a bit of edge, the Luca adds character to any room while still being a timeless investment. The inwardly slanted headboard gives the set a mid-century modern feel. The rose gold colourway maintains a feeling of femininity and opulence. See for yourself by visiting our showroom.


The Viento selection creates a solid foundation for any room, anchoring it down with its dark-toned colours and uniquely shaped headboard. The headboard features contrasting dark and light tones as well as soft and solid textures for a richly thought-out design.


Our Laura bedroom set is made by hand for the likes of a princess. The white wooden base and light blue accents create an ethereal, angelic feel and bring a majestic sort of opulence to an equally minimal room. Made with only the highest quality materials and manufactured with care, the Laura set will feel as wonderful as it looks.


For all the midnight lovers out there, the sophisticated Gilda set fits the bill. It brings serious elegance and commands attention. The luxurious navy velvet fabric encompasses the entire set. Hand-carved wooden legs and details on the headboard and foot of the bed go the distance in displaying the little things that make all the difference. Pair it with all-white bedding to make the rich colours and details pop even more.


Drift away in the Dream set, a new addition to our luxury beds. The Dream bed cocoons you in a neutral, padded headboard that verges on a canopy with dark wooden details for extra texture. The traditional legs make it a style that works for both an old-school or modern designs.


The Croma is a serious bedroom set that does most of the decorating work for you. A huge headboard with wooden panelling and the padded fabric middle take centre stage in the bedroom. It’s both bed and art. The simple yet architectural style exudes class and relishes in the essence of luxury.

maestro Headboard

julyet Headboard

Our collection of classic bedroom is enriched by finely hand-carved solid wood headboards, with gold or silver aged look finishes. Our headboards upholstered with precious Italian silk fabrics to provide luxury design to the bedroom

gilda Headboard