Chest of Drawers and Bedroom Dressers

Our meticulously crafted chests of drawers provide an array of separated drawer spaces to store all your beloved items and accessories. Designed to radiate that special luxurious look and feel, our chests come in various contemporary styles. Our chests of drawers are available in several different sizes and configurations to suit your functionality and design requirements. Whether you prefer a minimalistic 3-drawer design or a multi-column drawer configuration, our chests will surely be a lovely enhancement to any room in your home and in particular, the bedroom area. Choose from a variety of solid woods and high-quality finishes to suit your style and decor. Notice the intricate handles on the drawers: They are purposefully designed from high-quality material to ensure longevity and stylish appearance. The drawers are arranged in rows of two, three, four or more. The chests range from narrow single-column designs – to configurations that allow up to five columns: The drawers are arranged in a classic grid-style layout or the more modern version – a masonry layout.┬á

luxury classic collection

Hurrem Chest of drawers

The Hurrem is an option that would certainly match any bedroom with a classic style. This chest comes in a variety of finishes including black, teal, and white to perfectly match any decor you already have. The Hurrem has a classic style and design with intricate detailing added to the edges and feet. The column of three drawers features metal pull-handles for easy access. This makes organizing your belongings that much easier. The deep drawers allow everything to fit without over-stuffing.

LUXURY classic collection

Vogue Chest of drawers

The Vogue set is part of our Vogue bedroom collection. The design of the Vogue collection is clean and retro while still staying on-trend. Four rows of drawers mean youÔÇÖll never run out of room to store your things. Plus, the ample number of individual drawers mean youÔÇÖll have plenty of separation to keep things organized.┬áThe wooden ridged drawers add texture without being over the top. The simple knobs match the rest of the mid-century modern aesthetic. Accentuated by the dark wood exterior and metal legs, the Vogue set is a stand-out option for a sleek and stylish room. Dimensions:┬á120*50*85 cm


The Timeless Chest of drawers

Make the Team the focus of your living room ÔÇô youÔÇÖll be happy you did! Its soft lavender-grey colour brings a nice ambiance into any room. Placing the beauty of this piece aside, the Team offers premium comfort and durability. With great value for your money, you can be confident it will last you years of luxurious living.

Three long drawers line the centre of the chest, while a cabinet sits at each end, providing space for items of all shapes and sizes. The stylish drawer handles are golden rings, making opening your drawers in the morning a luxurious experience. The ridged white wood body contrasts with the dark, shiny table top and legs for a stand-out piece in any room. To see our Timeless drawers or any of our other pieces in person, book an appointment at our showroom.

LUXURY classic collection

Queen Chest of drawers

The Queen Chest of Drawers is an important part of our Luxury Classic Collection of quality furniture. This fine piece features a dark wooden finish complete with gold detailing on each drawer and on each side of the chest. Made for holding a few important things, the Queen features just two large drawers on top of each other.This royal-esque chest would look great in any classic style bedroom with an opulent flair. Complete the look with other items from our Queen bedroom collection for a cohesive look and seriously stylish room.

Chest of drawers

For the modern minimalist, the Elsa is the perfect chest of drawers. This boxy chest features four deep and wide drawers for ample storage space. The light-coloured drawers stand atop sleek black metal legs. Not weighed down by too much detail, this adds to the sleek essence of the Elsa piece. This chest would be the perfect complement for a modern room that celebrates great design and craftsmanship. Each material is chosen with care to create a long-lasting, beautiful piece of furniture.

LUXURY modern collection

luxury classic collection

Escape Chest of drawers

The Escape Chest is reminiscent of a classic novel setting, where the richly-detailed furniture creates an atmosphere of romance and adventure. The Escape piece features a shiny lacquered black finish with a single drawer. This serves as both a table and a small storage space.

Available in two different colourways, the Escape Chest comes in a black and grey striped combination or a simple neutral and black pairing. Whether your room is light or dark toned, thereÔÇÖs an Escape Chest that would be the perfect addition.

LUXURY classic collection

Gilda Chest of drawers

The Gilda Chest is one of the founding pieces of our Luxury Classic Collection. This collection is designed for those who favour elements of traditional furniture but want to stand out through quality craftsmanship. The Gilda chest is the perfect fit for many room designs. It features a large amount of space and multi-sized drawers to serve as your one-and-only dresser. This solid-wood dresser measures 160 x 48 x 100 cm.

LUXURY contemporary collection

Croma Chest of drawers

The Croma Chest of Drawers is another option from our Luxury Contemporary Collection. It features unique architectural design elements and traditional dark wood for the perfect balance of classic and modern.

Four solid-wood cherry drawers meet seamlessly within a matching solid wood frame, offering lots of deep space for important items. The chest stands on criss-crossing stainless steel beams for a system of balance just as unique as the design. The Croma chest would be the perfect accent to a minimalistic modern bedroom. View it for yourself by booking an appointment today in our showroom.

The Collezione Chest is another great piece of Luxury Contemporary bedroom furniture. ItÔÇÖs the ideal match for the rest of our Collezione bedroom set, which incorporates minimal designs and modern elegance.


Collezione Chest of drawers


The dimensions of this sleek set run at 140 x 50 x 82 cm. It features three large drawers in one column from top to bottom. The neutral colouring makes it a perfect fit in almost any room, and the solid base creates a sturdy foundation for displaying even the most precious items.

LUXURY classic collection

The West Chest of drawers

The West is a unique option for those looking for a design that is both luxurious and traditional. By merging the uniquely classic elements of light wood, solid white, and gold accents, the West chest serves as a unifying piece in almost any style of bedroom. This tall chest will keep your belongings nice and tidy with its 5 rows of drawers with 2 smaller drawers in the top row.


The Piano
Black Chest of drawers

Piano chest of drawers. Dimensions: 140*50*102 cm

The Piano design is one that was inspired by the sleekness of a gorgeous black piano. The lacquered black or dark wood finish adds class, while the gold accents on the drawer handles, base, and legs represent the important metal equipment within the piano. The harmony of these two contrasting elements represents the beautiful music made on the keys. We provide various finishes with a lacquered coating or mat.

This configuration style is particularly versatile and useful to store various small items, like makeup accessories and jewellery. We ensure that all our chests of drawers are robust in their construction and may, therefore, be used in combination with other furniture pieces: For example, as a base for an entertainment unit in the bedroom area. Each drawer in the chest is created separately, assembled and tested by our experts. Our selection of chests are all hand crafted from carefully selected materials and bring the art of comfort and elegance to your home. Browse our extensive selection and you will surely find the perfect match to complement your existing decor. All our furniture is designed to appeal not only to your functional requirements but to also bring elegance to and unique flavour to your interior.

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