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All our dining chairs can be made in various wooden finishes and fabrics.


Dining Chair

dining chairs

A captivating mixture of vintage and modern designs, the Capri is fit for any dining room. With a circular back and bold art-deco inspired designs, the Capri is vibrant enough to be an accent piece but also tame enough to blend in with the rest of your dining room design. When you book an appointment in our showroom, you get to see all these details yourself

Capri  dining chair is upholstered with exclusive fabrics. that well highlights the elegance and luxury of your home. It’s suited for dinning rooms, lounge and living areas.

italian dining chairs


Thor bar stool

The Thor bar stool is as fierce as the god Thor himself. Made with top grade leather and towering legs, this bold bar stool will liven up any island or countertop.

 Silver nailhead accents complement the deep black upholstery, taking the stool’s design to a high-end level. 

Choose fabric or Leather upholstery in any colour!

LUXURY modern collection

Pietra Dining Chairs with armrests

The Pietra Dining Chairs  are beautiful classic, these chairs would fit in multiple different interiors due to its design being subtle. The main features of this chair are the legs and the back detail these are a classic style which creates a beautiful design.

New Collection

Sadekar designer occasional chairs
italian leather armchair

The Sadekar dining chair has an Art deco style elements, this is very beautifully incorporated into the design. This would be the perfect set of chairs to have in an art deco styled or modern interior or even just to add some art deco design into your interior for something unique.


Sadekar Dining Chair

LUXURY modern collection

Lisbon Dining Chair

Modern Chic!

The Lisbon dining chair is an elegantly crafted modern piece, this would suit a modern dining table perfectly. Its uniquely shaped back brings beautiful curves, which not only look aesthetically pleasing but will give a comfortable seating experience.

Elegance and grace exude from the delicately designed Ralph dining chair. This luxury dining chair is a perfect addition to any pristine dining or living room.

ralph chair side view
ralph chair front view

Rich wooden legs give this dining chair structure while making the pearly satin finish of the upholstery shine.


Dining Chair

LUXURY classic collection

Guitar Chair

The Guitar is truly one of a kind. This Renaissance-inspired piece features a meticulously hand-carved guitar serving as the backrest. To highlight the Guitar’s intricate design, the legs and backrest are dressed in an antique gold finish.


Dining Chair

London chair front view

Fit for afternoon teas and evening dinners, the exquisite London dining chair is dapper, to say the least. The backrest features striking peacock blue upholstery and is framed in a shield shape by glossy black wood. 

The gorgeously carved front legs complete the sophisticated design. See the striking London dining chairs in person by making an appointment to visit furniture store in Auckland.

modern classic chairs nz
luxury art deco collection

Dining Chair

The Angelina dining chair is unique and comes in an array of distinct and memorable designs. It stands out for all the right reasons and is a perfect accent piece for any living space. This piece provides an elegant fit for every home.

LUXURY contemporary collection

Barcelona Dining Chair

Like the famous city and its namesake, the Barcelona dining chair is dashing and charming. The seat’s velvet, scarlet cushion offers a plush rest, and it is adorned with nailhead accents along the lower frame. But where this piece truly stands out is the houndstooth patterned backrest. Instantly relax by taking a seat in the arm-rested Barcelona.

Mixing comfort and style, the Baker dininig room chairs will be a great addition to any home. Made with brown suede upholstery, the textured quilted backrest gives the Baker dining chair some body. 

Baker chair back view
dining chairs new zealand

On the back, a gold accent ring breaks up the solid brown, a small but impactful detail that you can only get a close look at by booking an appointment in our showroom.


Dining Chair

The Barbara is an eccentric piece, and its bold design makes it a wonderful accent for any room. 

classic modern chair
french dining chairs nz

With a glossy finish on the wood, lacquered in a vibrant cherry red or a chocolate brown, there are options to make the Barbara dining chair stand out or blend in, depending on where it’s placed.


Barbara Dining Chair

luxury ART DECO collection

Croma Dining Chairs

The Croma dining chairs embody comfort, making it perfect for lounging around. With a deep seat, an angled back, and a deep cushion, this piece is great for curling up in. In addition to being amazingly comfortable, the Croma dining room chairs are available in multiple fabrics, leather, colours and wooden finishings. Visit our Auckland furniture store to see velvet dining chairs in a wide selection of colours and patterns!



Diamond Dining Chair

dining chairs

The Diamond dining chair is a sleek and toned-down addition that is perfect for an office or living room. Dark wood frames the chair while the backrest and cushion are upholstered with a satin taupe fabric. With its calm colours and simple design, this piece is perfect for everyday use.

Diamond dining chair is upholstered with exclusive fabrics. that well highlights the elegance and luxury of your home.

diamond chair side view

Exuding both classiness and reliability, the Especial is an elegant piece that is still perfectly suitable for everyday use. With a satin beige upholstery, the Especial goes with any and everything. 

loren chair back view
loren chair front view

The legs and apron are made from hand-carved wood, giving them an artful touch.


Dining Chair


Dining Chair

Straight out of a Shakespeare play, the Juliet is extravagant as well as comfortable. 

Juliet Dining chairs are available both with and without hand-crafted wooden arms that gleam in the light, it features gold accents that frame the backrest with black and gold diamond-patterned upholstery. Combined, all these delightful details make the Juliet a true statement piece.


Natural Dining Chairs

Featuring an art-worthy floral design which would look at home in any museum or gallery, the Natural is truly stunning. The most noticeable part of this chair is the gorgeously crafted flower on the backrest. 

To accompany the flower’s colourful accents, the seat’s cushion and armrests are adorned with a cranberry velvet upholstery.

Every detail on the wooden frame is expertly carved to add vivid details.

With a grand design made up of distinct accents, this version of the Natural is for those who want to relax in style. The backrest is composed of bright a mustard and cream pattern surrounded by ash brown wood. 


Dining chairs

LUXURY art deco collection

Arthur Dining Chairs


Standing on black, hand-crafted wood, the Arthur dining chair makes a bold statement with its unique features. The obsidian black backrest is offset by a swooping carved-out absence and a conjoining metal ball. Further up towards the top of the backrest, metal fixtures complete the piece’s design.

Designer Dining chairs

The Ralph dining room chairs  are an ideal combination of vintage and modern. A plush black seat and simple nailhead metal accents allow this piece to match anything it’s put next to. To make the Ralph even more appealing, the backrest is decorated with houndstooth patterned fabric. 

Dining chairs NZ
Dining chairs NZ

See these details up close by booking an appointment in our showroom.


Ralph Dining Chairs


Dining Chairs

The Piano has an effortlessly refined look. The luxurious cushion is upholstered with light taupe satin while sitting on a dark wooden frame with a glossy finish. 

The backrest is composed of two delicate overlapping carved pieces of wood, making the chair’s refinement even more prominent.  

LUXURY art deco collection

Royal dining chairs

Truly fit for a queen, the Royal dining rook chairs could easily be seen in Buckingham Palace. Cream upholstery with a satin-like finish covers the cushion and backrest. Paired with dark wooden legs and frame, the lattice accent at the top of the chair finishes off the chair’s regal design

The Aura dining chairs set  is understated and simple, yet still unique. With off-white upholstery complemented by a dark wooden frame, this chair has subtle charm.

A small yet noticeable section is missing from the backrest, giving this ordinary chair a little extra pizzazz.


Aura Dining Chair

luxury contemporary collection

Extenzo Dining Chairs

The Extenzo luxury  dining chairs are professional, modern, and chic all at the same time. With a deep bucket backrest, this piece is perfect for adding a structured look to offices and dining rooms alike. Available in an array of colours and designs, you can browse the Extenzo dining chairs  line and easily add luxury to any room it’s put in. If chic speaks to you, see the Extenzo dining chairs for yourself by booking an appointment in Auckland furniture store.

luxury classic collection

Master dining chairs

The Master dining chairs take a modern twist on the classic armchair design. Luxurious upholstery covers the cloud-like cushion and equally comfortable backrest. With diverse colours and designs, this dining chairs can be customizable to any interior design.

Our dining room chairs offer supportive comfort with its eccentric details and style
that is perfect for your home.

You can find a lot of elegant dining room chairs in our furniture store  that come in different shapes which are perfect in making your space look luxurious. We also have an extensive range of dining chairs that are not only modern but also very stylish and are perfect for NZ homes.

Our great collection of dining chairs nz gives you a lot of options to choose from. Delux Interiors Ltd is one of NZ’s leading furniture suppliers with an exceptional variety of dining chairs nz.