Executive Office furniture

The interior design of an office tells us something about the company that inhabits it, whether we intend for it to do so, or not. An experienced  interior designer understands this and will aim to create a space that exudes a certain ambience that suits the overall culture of the company. The space should also be flexible to a certain degree to allow for structural changes, and special events. This is where Delux Interiors excels. Not only do we offer luxury furniture for office spaces but we give you your own identity and create a lifestyle for work colleagues and clients. With our experienced interior design services we design by detail and give you and your clients an experience to remember.
With personalised options of fabric woods and marbles from Italy you are in control of creating a unique one of a kind piece to represent your business.
Our residential and commercial clients sometimes need direction and solutions to make their interior work, that’s where we come in and offer not only a floor plan but create your vision. Designing the offices we have built up a portfolio of clients who are long lasting and work with around the globe.
From the style of furniture whether being modern, classic or art deco ┬áto the color & texture of the cushions, our team understands an office is very influential when it comes to a companyÔÇÖs performance and its impression on visitors. Visit our gallery to experience our world of luxury and have ┬áa customized plan for your office and business from our experienced team.